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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  October 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the latest battles
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history. the latest battle after last night's most tweeted about presidential debate in history. a helping hand in cedar rapids, helping residents get rid of sandbags. here is protection asserts this week. >> a look at i-380 and wilson avenue southwest. we have a straight shot. you can see most of the way down i-380 a little bit south. there is not a lot of traffic that headlights -- it is chilly outside. i am kelly and we hope you have a wonderful weekend. we are hoping for fall weather.'s track we have good weather. command tomorrow is mild but then we will change things a bit as we head to the mid-week. take a look at where we are. as we meet you and greet you with temperatures of about 45
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ther there. it seems to be clear this money. the temperatures on the board are 45 in cedar rapids with clear skies. it is 49 in waterloo. dubuque is 48 in monticello and iowa city is 46 degrees. compared yesterday morning at this time, we are anywhere from 3 as much as and 11 degrees warmer this point. the wind is southerly. they will increase and gusts to 20 this afternoon. the satellite radar is quite this morning. there is a warm front lifting through the midwest. it is mainly sunny at noon. it is 73 degrees this afternoon. your forecast includes a cool down over the weekend or a midweek cool down. that will come your way in about 10 minutes. it was one of the most in
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the candidates will get ready for their final debate next week, a month before the election.>> the debate got heated before started. donald trump held a news conference with women who accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct before the debate started. this is in response to him making vulgar comments about women. >> they did not even shake hands and he got right to the debate.>> if you look at clinton, far worse, his words of what he is done to women, there's never been anybody in e. but everyone can draw maybe what he is saying tonight would be understandable. but everyone can draw their own conclusions at this point about whether or not the man in the video or the man on the stage
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shifted to other women -- issues like the supreme court. there is a seed that has been open and republicans in congress refused to hold hearings for president obama and nominee in election-year. the candidates laid out what they want out of their potential nominees.>> i would want to see the supreme court reversed citizens united and get dark out of our politics. donald does not agree with that. i would like the supreme court to understand that voting rights are big problem in our country. we do not always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older the mold of justice scalia. i'm looking for judges -- and i've actually picked 20 of
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thought of, and actually very beautifully reviewed by just about everybody. but people that will respect the constitution of the united stat. states.whoever is nominated constitution of the united states. >> whoever is nominated by the next president would have to go for this senate judiciary committee. tell you about what you debate. you can cast your vote on our website at 10 to. click on question of the day tab. our mission is to connect the candidates to our viewers. we want to better and formidable are you. we have reached out to the candidates to participate with interviews with us and our sister stations. we want to hear from you. tell us what you want to know from the candidates.
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will get to hear both candidates in the election site -- cycle. the task force on aging and women ever -- the league of women voters is producing this. people who prepared for flood 20-16 - now have a new way to get rid of sandbags. sandbags.starting this morning -- workers in cedar rapids will be going through flood zone neighborhoods picking up sandbags left over from the recent flooding threat. threat.if you have sandbags ask that you leave them in certain locations near the street.they can ?not be put in yardy carts or bins.sandbag pickup is expected to take at least three weeks.we have more information on our website- cbs 2 iowa dot com. loose leaf collection also starts today.pickup will be every other week -- based on where you live in cedar rapids. in the northwest and southwest areas -- pickup starts today. in the northeast and southeast -- pickup will be on wednesdays. a few local businesses that
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recent flooding are looking forward to the weekend. weekend.tornadoes - mad modern - kickstand and bo macs were left out of the hesco barriers in the newbo district during the flood.tornaodes and the non-profit event group 'blitzcreek cares' are hosting an event on saturday to help raise starts at 11am- and features food, music and family activities.admission is - however much you would like to donate. all the money raised will pay for tornadoes - mad modern - kickstand and bo macs flood recovery. work on a permanent contrl system - will start tornadoes, and promax flood recovery. work on a flood control system will start this week. initial levy will protect -- protect the new district for 40 or blood. once the flood control system is done, it will protect up to the crest of 2008. the levee project is anticipated to be done by the end of the year. hurricanes matthews wins
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of flooding bipartisan were hit by the delhi storm. it is blamed for knees -- at least 19 deaths in united state. five people are missing in north carolina. here is the latest from charleston, south carolina. >> i taught the world was going matthew.(sot - alisha brooks/nc resident)(aptn)"i'm so upset. i don't have nothing left. nothing. i have to take all this and put it in the garbage. i just want somewhere else to go. this is ridiculous. i cannot live like this. i'm not staying here like this. i refuse to. i'm not doing this."the u-s coast guard helped rescue some the thousands of people trapped in their homes and flooded streets are impassable... and front lawns look like lakes.(sot - gov. pat mccrory/(r) north carolina) "the weather map shows that the hurricane matthew is well off the shore into the ocean, but in our mind its impact is still here and is extremely dangerous in many parts. in downtown charleston, the waters have now receded.. revealing the true extent of the damage from the once- potent hurricane.and in florida, recovery is just beginning.(sot - gov. rick scott/(r) florida)"we have as you know, damage along the
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i was done in st. augustine beach and saw the homes that basically lost their beach so they have to worry about their foundations down there."it will be days.. if not weeks.. before all evacuees can return home.. if they have one to return to.edward lawrence, cbs news, charleston, south carolina. south carolina's governor -- nikki haley -- warns the death toll in her state could rise while search teams start checking remote areas. the first batch of food and aid from the united nations has been delivered to the haiti.the country was devastated by hurricane matthew.right now -- the death toll sits around 900.aid officials say 90-percent of some areas have been destroyed -- and other areas still haven't been reached.this aid was brought by u-s cargo planes. helicopters are deliverying aid to more rural parts of the country. an update now - to the controversial dakota access pipeline .. ..a federal appeals court has opened the door for construction to start back up a. would only be for a
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the four state's nearly completed.the court previously ordered to stop work while it considers an appeal by the standing rock sioux tribe.the court still hasn't made a decision on that appeal by the sioux tribe. the court has not made a decision on the role. of your waking up in dyersville, it is 46 degrees. their new delays after another train derailment in the new york metro area. let's adduce goal and look we can hang her jacket up and go to the classroom. it is 53 degrees and clear and cool. the sunshine is here. there is a chilly nature in
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it is sunny and mild in the clouds will build. it is 57 degrees at 9:00 and 69 at lunchtime and sunny skies. we turn partly sunny this afternoon and the clouds will continue to roll in. there is a live look out the door in cedar rapids. as we see it, it is a quiet start today. it is cool today with 45 degrees. there it is 46 and waterloo and 46 in monticello and 45 it in ottawa the iowa city. it is 60s and 70s out there. that is normal for us. it is a little bit above normal for us for this time of year. look at the satellite and radar. cloud cover is building and slowly.
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the moisture is riding along the warm front. it lives through and drags the clouds. we will have scattered child to showers linger into the evening. it is nothing strong and heavy. it is just a little bit of light rain. clouds will move and this afternoon. you can see the clouds building. and 8:00 or 9:00 to my, youth could cease showers tonight. that the the rain is out here by 6:00 and clouds are out here by 9:00 in the morning. late tuesday night, more clouds again. we have a cold front. we will have more showers on late night into wednesday. it will cool the temperatures and push them to the upper 50s and lower 60s. and enjoy the sunshine this morning.
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mile. it is 71 in al qaeda. it is 74 in iowa city. the forecast tonight, featuring a clausen shy hours, numbers are 56. is about 54 in manchester and 56 in iowa city. other than the ring, it is an okay night. there are clausen of march -- morning and we will it is 74 and waterloo. 75 degrees tomorrow and i was city pete --. >> we bottomed out with the lower 60s on wednesday. down to 36 for wednesday night. even cooler, on thursday and friday, with the upper 50s to upper 60s. then we will be above normal for saturday and sunday. lake showers are possible on
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the temperatures is a roller coaster week. we maintain the 70s through early next week. that is monday and tuesday. by the end of next week, we are in the mid to upper 60s. there is more at it is 6:16 and it is 47 degrees in robbins. enters a tragic with a car crash over the weekend. we have been airing weekly stories focusing on cancer research, treatment, prevention and care at the huntsman cancer institute. these stories were produced in connection with a partnership we have with huntsman, but were not always identified as sponsored content. we
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future stories aired as part of this partnership are labeled as sponsored content. doctors have discovered doctors have discovered some treatments that work for one type of cancer... may work for another... all because of genetic research.for a patient at huntsman cancer institute... the traditional treatment wasn't working after his cancer spread... and his options were slim...but thanks to new treatment options... he's winning that fight.... 00:22 my doctor uh was feeling up there and said hmmm, there's something thereclip 03jh2587jeff clark beat thyroid i came here for an operation 11 spoke jeff beat barbara cancer but it spread to his lungs. >> it turned out because of the targeted therapies...22:57 he has tumors both sides of his lungsclip 03jh2607 jeff had a genetic mutation... and his cancer wasn't responding to the medicine...28:45 there're of limited effectiveness because chemotherapy is very toxic and doesn't work well in this disease 28:50 clip 03jh2608doctor sharma recommended a different treatment... intended for skin
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this, in mr. clark's thyroid cancer is present in the melanoma,clip 03jh2608because the treatment isn't meant for thyroid cancer... it can be difficult to approve..but doctor sharma says... that's starting to change...32:37 if a drug gets approved for one of the cancers we usually have an opportunity like we have with mr. clark to work with the insurance companies and work with the fda and work with the drug companiesclip 03jh2608one year into the treatment... jeff's cancer has stopped growing...14:25 without the kind of medical intervention that i've been wouldn't be hereclip 03jh2587 giving him years... to enjoy his family... 13:28 family is very very important.clip 03jh2587for more information... visit huntsman
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? it is 6:20 on this monday morning. we are looking at the temperatures outside today. those numbers are just in. here we go. today, it is going to be 73 in million people are here il candidates have different ideas about what to do with the. them.florida is an important state for both donald trump and hillary clinton - weijia jiang talked to voters in the sunshine state - who said immigration will be a deciding factor in who they vote for. for. nat sot--doing dishes in kitchen)"you want a coffee? nah, i'm good."(track 1) fifteen year old ritibh kumar often thinks about where he would be without nora sandigo. (ritibh kumar) "my life would have been a disaster. a full disaster, full disaster." (track 2)kumar was born in the
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were undocumented immigrants, deported to india in 2010 - and they took kumar with them. sandigo became kumar's legal guardian so he could return to the u-s...where he says -life is much better. (two shot with wj) (28-:31)(ritibh kumar - parents were deported) (rk:) this is what my dad always tells me, to gain something you have to lose something. (track 3)he's not alone. (35-:39)(sot exchange with wj) (wj:) how many kids are you the legal guardian for? (ns:) right now we have now we have 1007 children.(track 4) many of the children still have one undocumented parent in the u-s ... sandigo agreed to care for and find a home for the kids if both parents are deported ... so the children can stay in the country where they were born. (:54-:58)(sot-reymundo otero - assists undocumented immigrants)"whoever is on the side of the families and these children who are suffering, they will have our vote."(nat sot) (track 5) sandigo delivers food to families daily.she's optimistic about hillary clinton's path to citizenship plan...which would help this undocumented mother of four...who moved from guatemala to miami 12 years ago.both are alarmed about
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immigrants...(sot) nats in spanish then translation"every single day i pray he doesn't win the election because of my case and my children."(nat sot--angel sullivan--)"no, there's no excuse."(track 6) angel sullivan--a mother and grandmother herself--says she feels no sympathy. (1:32-1:39)(nat sot--angel sullivan - son was killed by man in country illegally)"i lost a kid to somebody that wasn't supposed to be in this country so they can take the kids back with them."(track 7) four years ago, her 16 year old son was killed in a hit and run crash... by a driver who was in the country illegally. (sot exchange)(wj:) do you remember the moment you realized a& trump is my guy?" (as:) the moment he said he was going to put the wall up. by driver who was in the country illegally. >> to remember the moment you said donald trump is my guy? >> the moment he was talking about putting wallop. 9)two mothers--on opposite sides of the immigration fight with the same goal-- to protect the next generation. weijia jiang, cbs news, miami.
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hillary clinton is head in florida -with a three point lead. it's right now it's degrees in coming up...the latest information after one of the most anticipated debates this
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6:26. it is the low 50s this morning and upper 60s at lunch. recess time and it will be 73
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this afternoon radar is quite this morning. there is not much going on out there. here is victor. we see the clouds build in later towards the afternoon onto the meantime. there is plenty of cloud cover. no moisture expected to the later part of the evening. that is a warm front. today's forecast a sunny this morning and clouds this afternoon and evening. it is 70 it is 72 around the al qaeda -- al qaeda area. notice the w south. it is gusting up to 20. it will be breezy and mild. the forecast is 50 and rain. cloud cover and the clouds move out. it is 55 tomorrow evening. the rain is cooling on wednesday with scattered showers. it will be any upper 30s for wednesday night. thursday and friday's be in the 60s. there's a small chance of rain on saturday and sunday. a husband-and-wife it in
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relationship was. it was the 17th annual north american wife carrion -- carrying championship. there was a series of races. there seems to be a strategy. this year's winner was elliott and gina story. they had -- they had to the championship until next year. there is a spiffy wary this way to carry your that was a fianci carried.>> it seems like that is the best way to go. look at that pack >> she wears a helmet. >> yes. she didn't get whacked by that. >> right. >> do you see how much taller than he is then sure there she is pack >> that is so funny. >> it is 6:28.
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the developing details about why two officers were shot and killed over the developing details about why two officers were sh weekend.>> yes. cell phones are exploding while their charge. a business is back after the flood. we have a look at i-380. is a beautiful shot of cedar rapids. it is dark out but everything is looking good. i am kelly. >> i am given. let's look at
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roberts. it is a little bit chilly outside but not as bad as it will get. >> no. it will be coolly -- cooler along the midweek. here is where we start the day and where we are headed. it is the 40s now and 60 later in the highs will be in the 60s to lower 70s today. and we start was sunshine. is a beautiful picture as we look from our tower from the east. we are at 45 degrees. it is not a bad but you need a jacket kind of weather. it is 49 and waterloo. it is 45 and monticello and 48 in dubuque. we are warmer this morning that what we were yesterday. it is an degrees warmer in waterloo. they were in the upper 30s yesterday morning. the wind is out of the south. it is gusting 15 to 20 this afternoon.
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this morning. it is nice and sunny skies expected but we bring in the clouds this afternoon. the forecast details are coming up in about 10 minutes. donald trump and hillary clinton are celebrating this morning following the second presidential debate in washington university. >> jamie is in st. louis and is describing more heated moments.>> reporter: hillary clinton cannot wait to celebrate home after ramping up last night debate. >> that was great. >> the most important thing is, we need to take off so we can actually have some drinks served.>> reporter: donald trump's team was excited. >> he presented his case better in this debate better than the first one. >> reporter: there were no celebrations during the debate as the candidates attacked each other were 90 minutes. trump had to answer for a video
6:34 am
advances on women. >> i am embarrassed by the. i hate it. it is locker room talk. it is one of those things. i will knock the hell out of isis and we will defeat isis. >> okay. i know you are into big diversion tonight. anything to avoid talking about your campaign and the way it is exploding and the way the republicans are leaving you. >> reporter: clinton was attacked for her use of a private email server. >> i will instruct my attorney general to get a sp situation. >> reporter: has attacks on clinton started before the debate when he sat down with four women who accused her and president built clinton of sexual misconduct and bullying. they were meant to distract clinton but it do not work. the candidates will square off with a debate in las vegas last week. cbs news, st. louis.>> hillary
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stephanie johnson in the newsroom with detail. good morning ??? both hillary clinton and donald trump had a lot to say on the stage last night---but they had more to say on twitter after the lot to say on the debate stage last night. after the debate, their conversation continued on twitter. hillary clinton tweeted, tonight, trop dismissed his comments about groping women as declared her victory. several who declared her victory.>> she is a fighter and she proved again that she is the only candidate who has what it takes to be the president of united states. >> on the other hand, donald trump over a hypocrite and a beneficiary as citizens united in history. also drop rate tweeted his sons, donald trump junior,
6:36 am
he tweeted a picture of his family. thank you st. louis for hosting a debate. make sense of everything. in the newsroom - stephanie johnson - cbs 2 news. this morning -- we are learning more about why a man opened fire on police officers in palm springs, california -- killing two of them. them.john felix was arrested yesterday for the shooting on officers answered a call for a family disturbance. the man's father told a neighbor his son was armed and -- in his words -- acting crazy -- and said he wanted to shoot police. authorities say the suspect has a long record of gang violence. "the unbearable loss is a loss to all of us in law enforcement and really all of us in this community. an attack on police officers doing their job is an attack on all of us." us."jose vega and leslet
6:37 am
killed.vega was a 35-year veteran -- set to retire in december and officer zerebny just returned from maternity leave.late last night -- the palm springs community held a vigil for the officers. (nephew of officer vega) "i know he loved his job... this is so sad that somebody could take his life the way they did." did..."at the end -- candles were lit to honor the two officers.a third officer was shot and is still getting treatment this morning he is expected to survive. transit officials in new york - are telling commuters this morning - there will be delays - following a weekend train der. derailment.two trains side swiped each other on saturday was a 12-car commuter train - the other - was a work train performing track maintenance.they were traveling in the same direction when the crash happened.33-people were injured - four of them seriously hurt.federal officials are now investigating. happened. 33 people were injured and for them were seriously hurt. federal officials are
6:38 am
are dead after car crashes took place on the interstate. a driver of a pickup truck was heading wrong way and collided head on to the teenagers cars. for -- four of the five were at the high school. the driver of the stolen police cruiser turned around, traveling back toward the scene and started a chain crashes. the man who stole the cruiser is in critical condition this morning. reports of the devices catching fire. fire.major phone carriers had previously said they'd stop exchanging recalled note 7's for new note 7's and instead would give customer's other phones.that came when reports of replacement phones catching fire started coming in. flood 2016 recovery continues and for some businesses - it's
6:39 am
and as cbs 2 news reporter coverage rate continues. matt lane found out for one cedar rapids, what they need is exhausting. lou thompson lived in this area and was flooded in 2008 and the most recent one, the business shut down for two weeks. she ul thanks to some friends, she is bouncing back again. we are back. after being forced to close their doors for two weeks, the sounds are back and not without a cost. >> to close down is unrecoverable revenue. that is money gone.>> $20,000 was enough to prevent them from opening her doors ever again. >> it was literally the people. the people maybe come back. one was dan johnson. >> besides the made from
6:40 am
shortly after she opened, the spring of 12."so when he heard the flood was coming while lou and her husband were on vacation, he and members of the neighborhood had the place cleared out before lou could make it home. "the smoker, they took the smoker, i couldn't believe it!" the smoker is back, so are the employees, customers, and of course, even the music. but dan and his fellow musicians still aren't done helping out lou. lou."the main reason we're donating our services in the next month or so is to get this place back on the ground so we have this vee. venue, will continue to have it's live music on the weekend's but it won't cost lou a dime for the next month or so. so. "especially being raised by musicians, for musicians to be able to donate their pay. i won't let it go on very long. but it's something that they want to do for us, and we just love them here. they're like family. " "and the family that plays together, stays together.the village meat market is fully open for business once again, but -- if you want to stop down and hear some live music
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out every saturday from 11 to two and sunday from ten to noon -- matt lange fox 28 news. it's and right now it's it's and right now in it's degrees. degrees.there's still more cbs 2 this morning to come.but first let's take a look at what we're working on for fox 28 morning live. part of national fallen firefighters memorial weekend - the special way one texas business is saying thanks to ?all firefighters - past and present.,an annual corridor tradition is year's celebration a little more special than years past. that's coming up fox 28 morning live, eastern iowa's only local news at 7 a-m. your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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applebee's usda choice top sirloin isn't just a top choice cut of meat. for under 10 bucks, it's a top choice for your wallet. now only $9.99 for a limited time.
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we have a nice and sunny morning before the clouds move in. temperatures are mild. is the upper 60s to lower 70s. a south wind will push this wind -- the air south. we will have showers to deal with late tonight into the overnight hours. for the most part, it is dry weather through 10:00 tonight. then we start to bring scattered showers in. are the numbers. it is 59 degrees we are 73 this afternoon. it is partly sunny skies. in cedar rapids, it is quite out there and hold as we look across the city. it is 45 degrees right now. the heat index is at 41. it is 45 in town and 48 in dubuque and waterloo is 49. around the state of iowa, we
6:45 am
around us and the midwestern picture is 70 in minneapolis and upper 70s in st. louis. there is even warm weather building back to the southwest. that is a warm front. it will keep a smile the next couple of days. it will bring clouds in this afternoon and showers tonight. we have a better chance of rain wednesday ahead of a cold front that will move through. there is a quiet day for us today. we scattered showers are in the late evening into the overnight hours. we see them out of here by six clock or 7:00 and in the cloud would move out. we have tuesday, another mild day but watch this. the clouds are moving in. here's a cold front. we are cooler and looking for showers as we had through the day wednesday with cloudy skies. the highs are in the lower 60s let's recap the day. let's go to the north.
6:46 am
independence and allison and creswell are the same. charles city, the clouds are building. it is breezy and mild today. the windsor gusting up to 20 miles per hour. that it will be breezy. it is 73 degrees in benton and 74 and iowa city. it is 72 in centrally. is a mild day today. the forecast tonight drops to the mid and upper 50s. will call right back to the 70s after the early showers tomorrow morning. the high is 74. there is the rain cool air with 62 on wednesday. it is in the 50s and the lower 60s for the day on friday and thursday. we and the we cooler only to get back to the 70s for the saturday and sunday. it a small chance of showers through sunday morning.
6:47 am
says more 70s through early next week. we do go back to the 60s by the middle and end of next week. thank you. it a 6:46 on monday morning.
6:48 am
so what do the trade deals supported by congressman rod blum really mean for iowa? blum's deals are just one of the ways the biggest corporations rig the system to make more money at the expense of iowa jobs. oh, and don't forget-- these corporations shipping our jobs overseas? congressman blum voted to give them tax breaks. these guys hope you're not paying attention... so maybe you should. the deals blum makes in washington are bad for iowa. house majority pac
6:49 am
welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? we are taking a look at the temperatures across eastern iowa. it is 73 in manchester. is 72 on the mississippi in dubuque. let's see how things are going on collins road. everything is running smooth if you're headed that way this way. it was the anticipated presidential debate in recent history. they are getting ready for
6:50 am
>> the debate got here before start. donald trump held a news conference with women who accused bill clinton of sexual misconduct before the debate started. it is a response to his 2005 video where he is seen making comments about when them. >> when the candidates took the stage, they did not even shake hands. they got to the video.>> if you look at bill clinton, words in his was action. when he is done to women, there has never been anyone in the history of politics in this nation that has been so abusive to women. >> this were just about one video, maybe what he is saying man in the video or the man on the stage respects women." women."after about 25 minutes -- the debate shifted to other issues -- like the supreme court.justice antonin scalia died in february -- and his seat has stayed open after republicans in congress --
6:51 am
chuck grassley -- refused to hold hearings for president obama's nominee in an election year.both 2016 candidates laid to hold hearings for presidents nominee during election year. the candidates are laid out what they want in their supreme court nominees. unaccountable money out of our politics. donald doesn't agree with that. i would like the supreme court to understand that voting rights are still a big problem in many parts of always do everything we can to make it possible for people of color and older people and young people to be able to exercise their franchise. franchise. i am looking to appoint judges very much in the mold of justice scalia. i'm looking for judges -- and i've actually picked 20 of them so that people would see, highly respected, highly thought of, and actually very
6:52 am
that will respect the constitution of the united stat. states.whoever is nominated would have to go in front of the senate judiciary committee -- which right now -- is chaired by senator grassley. voters in johnson county next president would have to go in front of the judiciary committee which is chaired by senator russ. >> you can hear from both candidates in another race. the jackson coun t on aging and the league of women voters are cohosting a forum for the district. that is held by dean who was looking for six term in washington. is being challenged by christopher peters. it will be held today from 2:00 until 3:40. raises -- recent businesses are looking forward to the weekend. these were left out of barriers
6:53 am
group are hosting an event saturday to help raise money. it starts at 11 am and it features food and family activities. admission is what you would like to donate. the money raised will go to flood recovery efforts. a flood control system will start this week. the sinclair levy will protect up to a 40 year flood. watched -- once the system is done, it will help protect up to the the project is anticipated to be done by the end of next year. it a 6:53. good morning to those in the area. we are looking at the
6:54 am
6:55 am
his day starts at four. four-ten, he's running three miles rain or shine. six o'clock, chuck's at the office. when in iowa, he's still up early. working the farm, meeting iowans in all ninety-nine counties every year. senator. dawn to dusk. chuck works. i'm chuck grassley, and i approve this message. here are the three stories you need to know to start your week. wee workers in cedar rapids will be going through flood zone neighborhoods - picking up sandbags left over from the
6:56 am
have sandbags you want collected -- crews ask that you leave them in certain locations near the street.they can ?not be put in yardy carts or bins.sandbag pickup is expected to take at least three weeks.we have more information on our website- cbs 2 iowa dot com. samsung has temporarily stopped the production - of it's new galaxy note seven. there have been several reports of the devices catching fire.major phone carriers had previously said they'd stop exchanging recalled note 7's for new note major penalty areas has stopped exchange in the the recalls because reports started coming in say the replacement loans -- phones were catching fire also.>> people across the country are taking action this week. we have a theme for don't wait, check the day. and as a reminder to replace smoke alarms every 10 years. remember to change the batteries but they do not war
6:57 am
it is not a bad start to the day. we are clear and cold. the temperatures range from the horry 6 degree mark in iowa city, 45 in cedar rapids and 46 in dubuque. we have sunshine as we head to the morning. it is sunny and mostly sunny skies. the high is in the lower 70s. overnight tonight, we find sc nothing severe. those will be with us until 6:00 in the morning. the clouds move out.
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good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump apologizes and then turns the table on hillary clinton at the second presidential debate. he lashes out on bill clinton's past and says he would put hillary clinton in jail if he's elected. she says a vulgar video shows who trump really is. >> the threat from hurricane matthew continues. north carolina faces dangerous flooding. we're there tracking the multibillion dollar impact of the deadly storm. samsung stops production of the galaxy note 7.


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